Letter from the President & CEO

If you’ve visited us lately, you’ve heard us talk about it – we really are better together. You are an essential member of our community effort to spread compassion and end the suffering of animals. And together we are doing just that.

As you can see in our 2018 annual report, Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region had a big impact on the health and welfare of animals in Colorado, once again saving more than 21,000 animals in need of our help – that’s 58 happy tails going out our doors every single day. We did this through something called Socially Conscious Sheltering, a practice gaining momentum at top shelters in Colorado. But what does it mean?

Socially Conscious Sheltering is a framework of operational ethics to help shelters and rescues create the best outcomes for pets. The concept is based on the respectful treatment of animals and alleviating suffering. It’s about placing every healthy and safe animal that ends up in a shelter or rescue into a loving home. But it takes shelters and rescues working together with their communities to save so many lives. You can learn more about Socially Conscious Sheltering here.

The past 30 years, Colorado animal shelters, veterinarians, and other partners have worked together to end pet overpopulation and cruelty to animals. As we look to the future, we see animal welfare needs evolving yet again. While we continue to provide core services such as spay/neuter and adoption options, we are delving deeper into what’s best for the health and well-being of pets and people in our community. For example, our new behavior modification program focuses on rehabilitating fearful dogs and cats to set them up for successful adoptions. Through our community outreach program, we are utilizing our services to keep pets out of the shelter and in their homes, together with the people they love. And as you may know, our sister shelter – Pueblo Animal Services – closed its doors at the end of 2018. But rest assured, while our role in the Pueblo community is changing, we remain dedicated to carrying out our mission in other ways, including continuing the tradition of offering wellness services to families in need at our annual Pueblo Pet Check.

Together we are giving every unwanted or homeless pet a safe place to go. We are so grateful for your generosity and trust in our organization. HSPPR is not funded by any national organizations, and we do not receive government grants. It is because of our donors, volunteers, and adopters we are able to provide the best care possible for vulnerable animals.

Warm Regards,

Jan McHugh-Smith
President & CEO

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